Storage Area Health Check

Storage Health Check

A detailed assessment of your current storage solution.

In today’s world, servers and applications require your storage infrastructure to perform at its full potential. Many businesses struggle with lack-luster storage that can’t meet their requirements for speed, capacity, or both. A storage assessment with Optio Data will provide a detailed analysis of your storage solution and can reveal any hurdles, which may be limiting performance.


Our experienced engineers will dive deep to review the configurations and performance of your storage architecture, and then recommend best practices for your specific hardware. We will:

  • Discuss your storage concerns and goals
  • Assess the storage array configuration
  • Review the storage network configuration
  • Confirm firmware versions on storage and network devices
  • Verify hardware and network redundancy

A Storage Health Assessment will provide you with a comprehensive look at your current storage infrastructure and can identify potential causes of issues within your environment.

Are you concerned about the performance of your storage solution? A storage health check will identify potential causes of latency and capacity issues in your environment.


Our Storage Health Assessment will unveil hidden misconfigurations and give you the confidence that your storage is performing at its best. Following the health check, you will receive:

  • A health assessment document with short-term and long-term recommendations
  • Detailed storage architecture topology documentation

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