Wireless Site Survey

Wireless Site Survey

Is your wireless network performing up to your expectations?

A Wireless Site Survey should be the first step when deploying a new or troubleshooting an existing wireless network. It can help mitigate issues like coverage gaps, throughput issues, and connection stability by identifying necessary changes in the wireless infrastructure.


10 years ago, wireless technology was being used on a limited basis. Today, businesses depend on wireless networks for mission critical applications. The result is that wireless networks are now expected to be as stable as their wired counterparts and provide the same user experience.

A Wireless Site Survey is the first step in providing a wireless environment that can meet and even exceed your system and end user requirements.

Some of the questions and challenges facing enterprises today:

  • How many access points do I need to cover my entire building and provide my users with a fast and reliable experience?
  • Why do I have issues with my wireless network in some areas and not others?
  • What is the optimal configuration for my wireless network?
  • Do I have the required throughput for specific applications to run reliably over my wireless network?


Our Wireless Site Survey can help you plan a wireless network installation or an upgrade to newer technology. The service can be tailored to your needs and can include any of the following objectives:

  • Determine optimal access point quantity and placement
  • Identify areas with weak or no signal
  • Troubleshoot areas with connection instability
  • Develop a strategy for optimizing your wireless network

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