Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

An in-depth assessment of your network to determine the current level of risk to exploitation.

Business IT needs are constantly evolving. Performing regular vulnerability assessments is an integral part of maintaining the overall security of your environment. As your applications and systems change to meet your business needs, so does the threat landscape.


Hardware and software are the building blocks of networks, and unfortunately, security is usually an afterthought. Even when security is built in, how do you go about testing it?

Attackers aim to find and exploit your weaknesses before you can identify and fix them. Our vulnerability assessment will allow you to address vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

Our vulnerability assessment can address the important security questions you’ve been wondering about:

  • What applications are running on my systems that I’m not aware of?
  • Are my systems open to unauthorized access and if so, how?
  • Are there any known vulnerabilities in my applications?
  • If there is a breach or compromise of my systems, how will I know about it, and how will it be resolved?


A vulnerability assessment will accurately reveal the level of risk to your network and provide the means to remediate it. Our unique approach goes beyond standard methods. We test, retest, and then validate. Next, we study the results and assign a risk level, taking into account a variety of additional factors. Our holistic approach provides a complete picture of your systems’ security.

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