Server Assessment

Server Assessment

Are your systems performing to their full potential?

From server hardware and software to data center infrastructure, we’ll put our expertise to work for you. During a server assessment, we’ll perform a comprehensive analysis of your servers, review the findings with you, and discuss actionable ways to increase performance, strengthen security, and improve reliability.


We understand how common it is for server maintenance to be delayed (and even forgotten), because more urgent needs take precedence. Additionally, technology changes so quickly that it is increasingly difficult to maintain a comprehensive understanding of your server health. You probably find yourself asking:

  • Are we exposed to potential problems due to out-of-date drivers and firmware?
  • Are RAID and network configurations functioning as intended?
  • Am I aware of server utilization trends, and how can I forecast future needs?

These considerations are nothing new, and you’re not alone. The goal of our server assessment is to provide answers to your pressing questions.

We understand that it can be hard to see the forest for the trees; a server assessment can help you achieve the perspective you’ve been seeking.


We kick off each assessment with a complete analysis of server hardware and operating system. Then we’ll review the findings with you and discuss options for maximizing your server investments. Following the server assessment, you will receive documentation detailing our assessment results and recommendations.

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