Network Assessment

Network Assessment

A comprehensive review of network configurations and traffic patterns.

A typical Network Assessment uses a series of automated reporting tools. When combined, these reports can show a high-level view of overall network health and provide a framework for a Network Health Checklist. Using this guide, we conduct a series of manual checks and examine the network from a multitude of angles. The information provided by the automated reports and manual checks identifies ways to improve network performance, redundancy, resiliency, and stability.


Increasingly, application and user needs are driving forces behind many new network requirements. The demand for highly available, stable, and dynamic networks with increased bandwidth has grown exponentially. Our Network Assessment will help answer the questions that lead to an optimized network:

  • What systems or services are creating bottlenecks on my network?
  • How do I remediate any networking issues discovered?
  • Am I adhering to industry standard best practices for my network and applications?
  • Where do I start the process of upgrading my network to meet the ever-changing needs of the end user community?

A Network Assessment can be used for planning and implementing new network segments or technologies, identifying bottlenecks and other issues, or simply to identify ways to optimize the network.


Our Network Assessment will be tailored to fit your business requirements and could include:

  • Detailed network documentation
  • Remediation roadmap
  • Upgrade plan

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