Cloud Workshop

Cloud Workshop

Discover what moving to the cloud means for your workloads, infrastructure, and business.

Public, private and hybrid cloud technologies can improve the security, reliability, and elasticity of your enterprise. Our Cloud Workshop is the first step in addressing the challenges and realizing the benefits associated with transitioning to the cloud.


The Cloud Workshop allows you to experience the process of assessing workloads, creating cloud data centers, and provisioning services in the cloud first hand. Our team of certified cloud experts will guide you through each phase, educating you along the way. We will review key considerations when moving to the cloud, like security, management, licensing, and implementation. We will also discuss migration strategies and tools, creating new cloud workloads, and consuming cloud services.

Interested in taking advantage of cloud computing, but not sure where to begin or what is involved? Our Cloud Workshop can help you determine whether the cloud makes sense for your business goals.


Each engagement begins with an introduction to the public cloud. Next, we will identify up to ten workloads which might be good candidates for migrating to a public cloud provider like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. Then we’ll use our assessment tools to determine which workloads are best suited to “living” in the cloud. Next, we’ll build a secure, scalable, and easy-to-manage hybrid cloud solution using a single public cloud provider. This process will include creating a secure cloud data center and ensuring connectivity to on premises resources. Then we’ll wrap up the workshop with a knowledge-transfer session and address any remaining questions.


The Cloud Workshop is designed to maximize learning, engagement, and retention through experience. From workload selection, to creating a secure cloud data center, you’ll discover firsthand what transitioning to the cloud entails. Our goal is to equip you to make informed decisions about the future of cloud in your business.

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