Imaging Services

Save Time, Space, and Money

Imaging Services

The thrill of receiving new technology devices is something we’re all familiar with. Unfortunately, so is the tedious process of setting it up. With our Imaging Services, you’ll receive fully imaged devices ready for integration with your existing systems, saving your time. Whether you need thousands of devices setup, or just a few, we have the experience and service offerings to meet your business requirements.

Base Image Applied to the System
Minor System Customizations
computer name, time zone, etc.
Image Updates
OS, bios, drivers, etc.
Custom Setup
Asset tag, domain join, etc.

Additional Services and Upgrades

Custom Image

Assist, create, and capture customer image.


Customer on-site services are offered to help build, maintain, and deploy imaging solutions.

Hosted Solutions

Optio can host a distribution point. Customer can update deployments when necessary.

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