Asset Management Program

Our Asset Management Program is an asset inventory solution designed to help you manage risk across your IT environment.

Asset Protection Assessment

Actively monitor your ever-changing environment to ensure hardware and software support SLA’s are in place according to best practices with our Asset Management Program (AMP). Our program is an asset inventory solution designed to help you manage risk across your IT environment. AMP consists of capturing an inventory of your current hardware, performing an entitlement look-up of the IT inventory assets, and creating a comprehensive report which highlights areas of risk and enables improvements to your services agreements.

Overview of our Asset Management Program:

  • Gain better accountability of your IT hardware inventory
  • Consolidated analysis of vender support agreements; Dell ProSupport, HP Care Packs, VMware Support Contracts and ELA’s, Veeam Software Agreements, and 3rd Party Agreements
  • Reduce business risk associated with unsupported or under-supported hardware
  • Plan for upcoming service requirements and make the most of your investment budget
  • Simplify budget planning and service agreement renewal cycles


Resolve existing contract inaccuracies and inefficiencies— all with the effect of simplifying and improving your budget planning and service renewal cycles.

Risk Reduction

Identify and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime through design of a services solution that addresses the gaps in coverage and other risks in the environment.


Provides an up-to-date asset report of your multivendor IT environment.

Multivendor Coverage

Outsource managing multiple vendors and save time by consolidating various vendor agreements through our Asset Management Program.

About our Asset Management Program

Our AMP report is created from an asset inventory list of serial numbers. There are three serial number collection options to consider based on which is the best fit for you.

  • Customer provided inventory data: Many IT managers have an existing inventory list from a configuration management database (CMDB) in your environment, a physical inventory that was conducted, or an asset management software. This is the fastest, easiest, and least-intrusive path to obtaining your Asset Protection report.
  • Optio-led manual inventory collection: Using a handheld barcode reader on-site, we scan physical devices to be included in the Asset Protection report. Starting with a scan of one physical location, but can expand to other sites as the benefits of the initial Asset Protection report are confirmed.
  • Optio-led automated inventory collection: You allow an Optio engineer to install a copy of an asset on a Windows® device (physical or virtual) on your network. The asset will then be configured to scan the desired networks and collect an inventory of devices configured on the selected domains. After the scan is complete, the asset software will be removed and we will transfer the asset inventory data to the Asset Protection team for processing.