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The Nimble Storage architecture gives enterprises the ability to efficiently scale performance and capacity non-disruptively from small to extremely large environments, and dramatically simplify management of the storage infrastructure.

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Flash-Optimized Hybrid Storage

Nimble Storage provides flash-optimized, hybrid storage solutions for mid-sized to enterprise-class organizations. Designed with the performance of flash and the affordability of high-capacity hard disk drives, Nimble offers the best of both worlds to keep pace with today’s evolving datacenters.

Adaptive Platform

The Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Platform offers scalability, cost effectiveness, agility, and reliability for business application demands. Based on Nimble’s CASL architecture and InfoSight cloud-based storage management and support system, Adaptive Flash allows users to achieve both performance and capacity, eliminate storage silos, and reach peak storage health. Adaptive Flash is ideal for workloads such as OLTP, VDI, analytics, server virtualization, email, collaboration, file sharing, and other performance intense solutions.

CASL Architecture

Engineered to support critical applications, Nimble Storage arrays are built upon their patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture. Effectively helping organizations address their storage challenges; Nimble’s CASL architecture leverages dynamic, flash-based read caching, as well as a unique write-optimized data layout. All arrays include innovative features such as inline variable-block compression, integrated snapshots, and zero-copy clones.

CS Series

Within the Nimble Storage CS Arrays, there are four series of storage arrays – the CS200, CS300, CS500, and CS700 series.

  • CS200 Series: Designed for mid-sized organizations or remote offices for workloads such as VDI and Microsoft Exchange.
  • CS300 Series: Ideal for midsize IT organizations or distributed sites of larger organizations and can also take on virtual server consolidation.
  • CS500 Series: Offers advanced performance for larger-scale deployments or IO-intensive workloads.
  • CS700 Series: Built for consolidating many large-scale critical applications with high performance demands.