HPE MSA Storage: Flexible & Affordable

HPE MSA Storage

HPE MSA Storage is a cost-effective solution to get the most capacity of storage for small and midsize businesses.

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Best-In-Class Performance

HPE Modular Smart Array (MSA) Storage is an affordable industry-leading, entry-level consolidation solution that provides the most storage capacity for your investment.


Setting new levels of affordability in entry storage, whether you need to optimize cost or performance.


Share storage without the learning curve.


Proven 4th generation MSA architecture: faster processors, 2x cache, built for speed.


Expandable and upgradable to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

MSA 1040

HPE MSA 1040 SAN Storage

HPE MSA 1040 is a budget-optimized, entry-level SAN storage with dual controller iSCSI/FC configurations, capacity expansion and is upgradable to MSA 2040 with Data-in-Place upgrades. The MSA 1040 SAN arrays have new 4th generation controller architecture with a new processor, 4GB cache per controller, and 2-host ports.

MSA 2040

HPE MSA 2040 SAN Storage

HPE MSA 2040 achieves exceptional performance in entry-level storage by leveraging new controller architecture with a new processor, four ports with 4GB cache per controller, and using SSD drives with integrated lifecycle management. The MSA 2040 array provides increasing performance to support consolidation and virtualization.

New OS Features

  • New web UI
  • Wide striping
  • Enhanced virtual snapshots
  • Virtual tier affinity
  • Automated tiering
  • SSD read chache
  • Remote replication standard