Dell EqualLogic PS6500

Dell EqualLogic PS6500 | Optio Data

Offering exceptional availability, Dell EqualLogic PS6500 iSCSI SAN arrays are a modular, affordable tiered storage solution with enterprise capabilities.

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Virtualized Architecture

Since they are designed with a virtualized architecture, the Dell EqualLogic PS6500 series of iSCSI SAN arrays offers many advantages over their non-virtualized competitors – such as a low total cost of ownership and comprehensive SAN management.

Seamless Scalability

With the ability to seamlessly scale up to 1.2 PB under a single management interface, there is no question that Dell EqualLogic PS6500 storage arrays feature enterprise-capable tiered storage. And with the ability to "pay as you grow", expansion is easily achieved by adding another EqualLogic PS6500 iSCSI SAN array.

Enterprise Performance

With performance-enhancing components such as four 1GB Ethernet ports per each redundant controller, Dell PS6500 iSCSI SAN arrays provide enterprise performance, features, intelligence, and data security to enterprise environments such as the data centers of small to medium businesses in a high density storage frame.

PS6500 Model Comparison

  PS6500E PS6500X
Storage Controllers Dual controllers with a total of 4GB battery-backed memory Dual controllers with a total of 4GB battery-backed memory
Hard Disk Drives Forty-eight (48) SATA hot-pluggable hard disk drives Forty-eight (48) SAS hot-pluggable hard disk drives
Drive Capacities 7,200 RPM SATA II drives available in 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB 10,000 RPM SAS drives available in 600GB
System Capacities 24TB using forty-eight (48) 500GB SATA disk drives

48TB using forty-eight (48) 1TB SATA disk drives

96TB using forty-eight (48) 2TB SATA disk drives
28.8TB using forty-eight (48) 600GB SAS disk drives
Volumes Up to 1,024 Up to 1,024
Snapshots 512 per volume / up to 10,000 total 512 per volume / up to 10,000 total
Hosts Accessing PS Series Group Up to 512 per pool / 2,048 per group Up to 1,024 per pool / 4,096 per group
Host Protocol Any standards-compliant iSCSI initiator Any standards-compliant iSCSI initiator
RAID Support Automatic RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, and RAID 50 Automatic RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, and RAID 50
Network Interfaces Four (4) RJ-45 1GbE copper per controller Two (2) SFP+ per controller, One (1) 10/100 copper (optional management network only) per controller
TCP Network Support IPv4, IPv6 core support IPv4, IPv6 core support