Dell EqualLogic PS6210

Dell EqualLogic PS6210 | Optio Data

New-generation EqualLogic arrays that streamline storage management and improve and simplify performance for lasting value.

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Storage Management

The Dell EqualLogic PS6210 offers the ability to manage more data with fewer resources. Designed to tightly integrate with common application environments, the PS6210 can be used with various operating systems. The PS6210 is equipped with the new Dell EqualLogic Software 7.0 that provides the tools to enable sound data protection strategy, storage management, virtualization, and optimization.

Exceptional Performance

Bringing new levels of performance, the EqualLogic PS6210 can drive up to approximately 2GB/sec of throughput per array for consecutive, large-block workloads. However, flash-enabled PS6210 arrays provide up to 3 times the casual performance of prior-generation arrays.

Enhanced Data Center

Compared to a similar SAN array, the EqualLogic PS6210 solution has the lowest total cost of ownership over a five-year period. The PS6210 array solution can be tailored to fit exact needs of any business to grow as they grow.