Dell EMC ScaleIO: Software Defined Storage

Dell EMC ScaleIO

Dell EMC ScaleIO is a scale-out software-defined storage offering to help organizations transform and modernize their block storage infrastructure.

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Purpose Built

Dell EMC ScaleIO is built as a data center grade storage solution that delivers superior lifecycle management and total cost of ownership. ScaleIO is designed with unparalleled flexibility to fit your block storage needs for traditional, modern, or cloud workloads. Allowing you to operate efficiently, ScaleIO allows you to add storage and compute quickly with no downtime.

  • Unparalleled Flexibility - Select any OS, hypervisors, and media that work best for your applications and business.

  • Massive Scale - Scalability of performance is linear regarding the growth of the deployment, so scale out or in easily.

  • Supreme Elasticity - Automatically rebalance data “on the fly” with no downtime.


ScaleIO abstracts, pools, and automates block storage to standard x86 servers, streamlining storage lifecycle management and provisioning. With ScaleIO, data centers can consolidate workloads into a simplified software-defined storage infrastructure by eliminating silos of multiple storage arrays.

Extreme Performance

Servers in the ScaleIO cluster are used in the processing of I/O operations to deliver I/O and throughput to any application within the cluster, eliminating bottlenecks. With ScaleIO, performance optimization is automatic, allowing rebuilds and rebalances to occur in the background with minimal or no impact to applications.

ScaleIO Products

ScaleIO transforms your storage infrastructure to operate with greater efficiency while lowering TCO and easily managing storage lifecycle. Begin your transformation and take advantage of the ScaleIO products.


Dell EMC ScaleIO Box

Deploy software-defined block storage to deliver scalable performance and capacity on demand.

  • Utilize any storage media: Flash and Hybrid
  • Select any OS or Hypervisor
  • Scale from 3 to 1000+ nodes
  • Eliminate migrations
  • Achieve 6 9s+ availability from SDS

Ready Node

Dell EMC ScaleIO Ready Node

ScaleIO Ready Node combines PowerEdge Servers with ScaleIO software to deliver a flexible SDS solution supported by a single vendor.

  • Tested for optimal performance
  • All-Flash and Hybrid configuration options
  • Deploy as storage-only and/or hyper-converged infrastructure

VxRack System FLEX

Dell EMC ScaleIO VxRack System FLEX

VxRack System with FLEX powered by ScaleIO virtualizes the internal node's direct-attached storage (DAS) into a shared network-based block storage.

  • SDS utilizing standard x86 hardware for block storage
  • Leverages ScaleIO SDS
  • Start small and grow to extreme scale
  • Hypervisor agnostic