VMware NSX

VMware NSX is the virtualized network platform for the software-defined data center. NSX simplifies provisioning of underlying hardware to topology by breaking through physical network barriers.

Improved Economics

VMware NSX is just like a physical network, except the network is encapsulated in software and managed independent of underlying hardware. NSX breaks through current physical network barriers, allowing data center operators to receive flexibility, better speed, and improved economics. Embedded into the hypervisor, VMware NSX improves business agility with faster provisioning and can help reduce costs by streamlining network hardware requirements.

Increased Agility

Enable IT to respond faster to business needs by leveraging Programmatic provisioning to dramatically reduce network deployment times. Combined with server and storage virtualization, NSX allows for new operational models to be applied to IT infrastructure that increase performance without increasing management overhead and expense.

Automate Security

VMware NSX offers a new model of network security that allows you to automate provisioning, share application context through virtual and physical platforms, and improve operations with distributed policy enforcement. Included in the network security features:

  • Virtual network isolation
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Micro-segmentation
  • Distributed stateful firewalling