VMware AirWatch

AirWatch allows mobile devices to deliver applications traditionally constrained to a PC while maintaining device and network security, safely enabling BYOD.

Digital Workspace

AirWatch offers both cloud and on-premises deployment options. Providing a unified experience, AirWatch delivers the same exact solutions and scaling capabilities for cloud and on-premises. You also have the flexibility to migrate from one to the other when your needs change for high productivity.

  • Identity Management: VMware Identity Manager delivers one-touch SSO access to any authorized application, from any device.
  • Corporate Resources: AirWatch enables end users to securely connect to corporate networks and access key business applications to improve productivity.
  • Secure Content Collaboration: AirWatch Content Locker provides a secure container for content which end-users access and collaborate on with a central application via a mobile app, desktop client, or web portal.
  • Device Choice: AirWatch supports smartphones, tablets, laptops, rugged, printer and peripheral devices.
  • Self-Service: AirWatch supports end-user device management and controls through VMware’s self-service portal to relieve the burden on IT.


Built on industry standard technology, AirWatch makes it easy to manage alongside your existing enterprise applications. AirWatch provides a mobility management platform that can support your enterprise now and into the future as requirements change.

  • Endpoint Management: AirWatch provides IT with powerful automation engines so IT is able to easily manage a growing number of devices.
  • End-to-End Security: AirWatch enables containerization to protect sensitive corporate data at the user, application, device, and network levels.
  • Enterprise Integration: AirWatch integrates with your existing infrastructure to maximize current investments and seamlessly extend systems to mobile devices.