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AppSecure is a next-generation application security suite that delivers security threat visibility, enforcement, control, and protection over the network.

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Application Security

As a next-generation application security suite for the Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways, AppSecure accurately identifies applications no matter the port or protocol, including nested applications that reside within trusted network services.

Application Features

AppSecure is equipped with application features such as AppTrack, AppFW, and AppQoS. With AppTrack, AppSecure quickly analyzes data and organizes it into different categories based on risk level, user ID, zones, source, and destination addresses. AppFW provides application enforcement and simplifies security policies. With the ability to meter and mark traffic based to the application policies set by the administrator, AppQoS allows lower priority Web traffic to push through when network bandwidth allows.

Advanced Security Features

Using a multi-stage approach including server connection monitoring and deep protocol analysis, AppDoS identifies attacking botnet traffic against legitimate client traffic through application-layer metrics. If a potential threat is detected, AppDoS will issue an alert, block offending IP addresses, or completely drop any irregular sessions and packets to prevent an application-level DoS attack.