HPE OneSphere

HPE OneSphere is a simplified multi-cloud management platform with seamless deployment, cost analytics, and unique developer experience.

Multi-Cloud Redefined

HPE OneSphere redefines multi-cloud management by empowering you to build clouds, deploy applications, and gain insights faster. With OneSphere, organizations can solve their IT management challenges, allow developers to work together more effectively, and move digital business initiatives forward faster.

HPE OneSphere

Accelerate cycle time

Fast-track development with an agile, as-a-service platform that provides cross-cloud resource pool, on- and off-premises.

HPE OneSphere

Apps-to-ops ratio

With a self-service design, give the tools IT operations need to enable higher productivity and move faster.

HPE OneSphere

Know your ROI

Real-time insights for deploying applications enable you to increase resource utilization and lower costs.

Simplified Management

As a comprehensive, unified, multi-cloud management solution, OneSphere removes the challenges and limitations of transforming from a traditional environment to a digital organization. Through a unified view, OneSphere enables IT to create hybrid clouds capable of supporting both traditional and cloud-native applications.

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What Differentiates OneSphere From Other Solutions?

  • Self-Service Catalog - Improves productivity and speeds up app deployment
  • Open - Enables the use of third-party developer tools and apps
  • Visibility and Analytics - Provides an aggregate view of the Hybrid IT environment
  • Cloud-Like Experience - Delivers on-premises via “low ops” lifecycle management

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