HPE ControlPoint

HPE ControlPoint’s visual interface and analytics allow complete control to access, understand, and classify all enterprise information. Accelerate compliance information governance with legacy data clean up to reduce redundant and dark data.

HP ControlPoint Software Process

Key Benefits

  • Gain visibility of business risk associated with information stored in enterprise systems and dark data.
  • Clean up legacy data by identifying, categorizing, and applying policy to data across enterprise information repositories.
  • Automate compliance, legal hold, and retention management based on policy and the understanding of information across various file formats.
  • Analyze enterprise data and migrate targeted information to Cloud-based repositories for improved security, user access, and lower overall storage costs.

Categorize Information

HPE ControlPoint allows you to connect, access, and clean up data to gain control over the information assets across all systems. Using HPE IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer) Connector framework, ControlPoint can identify, analyze, and control diverse types of information stored in enterprise repositories. With ControlPoint, you can categorize information and apply policy to content indexed by IDOL.

Manage Data

ControlPoint is a compliance and information governance tool for all connected data sources regardless of data format or location. With ControlPoint, there is no need for source-specific policies or to learn multiple system tools and user interfaces, which become difficult to manage across all systems.