Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Switches

Cisco Meraki

The Meraki MS series of switches deliver high performance, network visibility, zero-touch cloud provisioning, and remote troubleshooting.

High Performance

Cisco Meraki switches make building high performance networks easy. As the backbone for networks of every size, Meraki switches combine secure and scalable performance with an intuitive management experience.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

With true zero-touch provisioning, Meraki switches can be entirely pre-configured and staged from a web browser. Troubleshooting issues is made simple, especially on remote locations, with real-time alerts to monitor your network more closely.

Network Secured

Meraki switches allow you to configure access policies with requiring login credentials or MAC addresses to protect the network. A guest VLAN can ensure flexibility without compromising network integrity.

Stackable Access Switches

Cisco Meraki MS225 Series Switches

MS225 Series

The Cisco Meraki MS225 series are cloud-managed stackable switches, ideal for branch and campus organizations.

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Cisco Meraki MS250 Series Switches

MS250 Series

The Cisco Meraki MS250 series are stackable access switches designed for branch and campus organizations.

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Cisco Meraki MS350 Series Switches

MS350 Series

The Cisco Meraki MS350 series are cloud-managed switches designed for deployments in campus networks.

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Access Switches

Cisco Meraki MS220-8


The Cisco Meraki MS220-8 is a cloud-managed switch designed for small branch organizations.

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Cisco Meraki MS220 Series Switches

MS220 Series

The Cisco Meraki MS220 series are cloud-managed switches ideal for branch developments.

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Cisco Meraki MS320 Series Switches

MS320 Series

The Cisco Meraki MS320 series are cloud-managed switches ideal for mission critical deployments at branch locations.

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Distribution Switches

Cisco Meraki MS410 Series Switches

MS410 Series

The Cisco Meraki MS410 series are cloud-managed aggregation switches designed for campus deployments.

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Cisco Meraki MS425 Series Switches

MS425 Series

The Cisco Meraki MS425 series provides cloud-managed aggregation switching to campus networks.

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