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The Dell Active Infrastructure family delivers converged infrastructure solutions designed to enhance the agility and efficiency of your datacenter. Enabling rapid response to dynamic business needs, Dell Active Infrastructure consolidates your infrastructure management and creates virtualized resource pools.

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Dell Active System.

An ideal foundation for a private cloud infrastructure, the Dell Active System converged infrastructure framework creates a unified infrastructure that can be easily deployed and managed. Designed to maximize datacenter efficiency, Dell Active System leverages innovative Dell technologies such as converged LAN/SAN fabrics and bladed form factors.

Dell Active System Manager.

An integral part of the Dell Active System family, the Dell Active System Manager delivers automation and efficiency through unified infrastructure management. As an intelligent converged infrastructure manager, the automation offered by Dell Active System Manager comes from template-based infrastructure provisioning, re-configuration, and on-boarding for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

Dell Active System 800.

Designed as a pre-integrated solution, the Dell Active System 800 is ideal for private cloud and enterprise-class blade server infrastructures. Delivering rapid scalability, fast provisioning, and automated storage, the Active System 800 empowers IT infrastructures to achieve their maximum efficiency and leverage the entirety of their infrastructure investments.