Dell Wyse 5212 Thin Clients

Dell Wyse 5212 thin clients have increased security and simplified desktop management.

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Easily Managed

With a client that doesn’t need any on-site management or configuration, the Wyse 5212 thin client can decrease IT resources and increase ROI. To lower TCO and scale as you grow, you can manage the Wyse 5212 with Dell Wyse Device Manager (WDM), Dell Wyse Cloud Client Manager, or a simple file server.

Wyse 5212 Series

Total Security

The Dell Wyse 5212 is the first all-in-one thin client to run on the ThinOS. It has the security and simple management of conventional thin clients with the ability to provide high-end graphics and HD multi-media. Supporting demanding audio and video workloads, Wyse 5212 has the power of an AMD G-Series dual core 1.4GHz processor.

Versatile Design

The Dell Wyse 5212 makes deployment simple with a one-cord design and out-of-box automatic setup. Offering versatile connectivity with its sleek, all-in-one design, the Wyse 5212 has four USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, and integrated dual band WiFi. The Wyse 5212 supports a second attached display for dual monitors and has built in speakers, camera, and microphone for easy desktop communication.