Trace3 Integration



In August of 2018, Optio Data, Data Strategy, and Trace3 made the decision to merge through a strategic investment by H.I.G. Capital in becoming a national IT solutions provider. You're probably familiar with some of Optio Data's product and service offerings, so we would like to give a warm welcome to Trace3 and encourage you to explore some of their expertise and capabilities.

As the Transformative IT Authority, Trace3 is a premier technology solutions provider for medium- and large-sized enterprise clients. Through elite engineering and dynamic innovation, Trace3 empowers executives and their organizations to keep pace within the IT/corporate landscape through the transformative power of technology. Founded in 2002, Trace3 has kept pace with the needs of IT leaders by providing them access to emerging technology from Silicon Valley and building end-to-end Cloud, Data Intelligence, Security, DevOps and Data Center solutions. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Trace3 has additional offices in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boise, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix and New Jersey.