What's New in Dell EMC 14th Gen Servers?


New Features

  • Scalable Business Architecture - Maximizes performance to handle mission-critical workload requirements with a highly scalable architecture and flexible internal storage.
  • Intelligent Automation - Automates the Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers entire server lifecycle from deployment to retirement with expanded APIs and the new OpenManage Enterprise console to increase your productivity.
  • Integrated Security - Built into the hardware and firmware, your data is protected with a deep layer of defense for the life of the server.

Dell EMC 14th Generation PowerEdge Servers are built to deliver outstanding scalability, automation, and integrated security for traditional and cloud-native workloads. The 14th Gen servers provide the agility, flexibility, and efficiency needed for companies going through their digital transformations.

New Intel Scalable Processors

Intel Xeon Scalable processors are workload-optimized to support hybrid cloud infrastructures and the most demanding enterprise data centers. Delivering powerful and scalable performance, these processors are built to handle the smallest workloads to the most mission-critical applications.

Intel Xeon Processors

  • Intel Xeon Platinum - Intel Xeon Platinum processors offer the industry’s best performance for mission-critical and hybrid cloud workloads, real-time analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, with monumental leaps in I/O, memory, storage, and network technologies. 8+ Sockets, up to 28 Cores, and 12TB Memory.
  • Intel Xeon Gold - Intel Xeon Gold processors offer high performance, advanced reliability, and hardware-enhanced security optimized for demanding data center, hybrid-cloud compute, network, and storage workloads. Up to 4 Sockets, 22 Cores, and 6TB Memory.
  • Intel Xeon Silver - Intel Xeon Silver processors offer the hardware-enhanced performance and security required for data center compute, network, and storage optimized for midsized and growing IT organizations. Up to 2 Sockets, 12 Cores, and 1.5TB Memory.
  • Intel Xeon Bronze - Intel Xeon Bronze processors are performance optimized for small business and basic storage servers. Up to 2 Sockets, 8 Cores, and 1.5TB Memory.