About Optio Data


Our Mission

In Roman times, to hold the position of Optio meant you were singled out for your ability to fill in many strategic roles. Our goal is to meet each customer’s unique needs and be their trusted advisor in simplifying IT.

Our Method

We deliver efficient and flexible technology solutions to our customers of every size and industry through our core competencies in cloud, data, and security. We’re able to accomplish this by leveraging a state-of-the-art proof of concept facility and multi-million-dollar inventory of servers, storage, and networking products. All of which is delivered through a world-class professional services organization.

Our Values

In order to help our customers address their varied technology needs, we employ an impressive team of technology professionals. Our sales reps have more than four times the average industry tenure. Not only are they experienced, but they are also trained and backed by our highly-certified engineers who have extensive product knowledge and real-world experience.

Your Second

The world of IT is complex and companies have a myriad of strategies to sort through, OEMs to field, and business partners to vet. How do you sort through it all? Who do you choose as your trusted advisor? With Optio serving as your second, we make these questions go away. This is what we mean when we say Simplify IT.


“The cloud solution that you provided increased our environment’s flexibility and scalability. I expected complexity, but you made consolidating our infrastructure simple. Your whole approach convinced us that we’ve finally found the right company to work with.”