Microsoft Azure

The Cloud for Modern Business

Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based toolset that can be used for a range of cloud services, such as web servers, storage scalability, and mobility. Unlike some cloud providers, Azure does not make you choose between your datacenter and the cloud. Azure easily integrates with existing IT environments so you can achieve more, save money, and move faster.

For all engagements, Optio Data will perform a 1-hour conference call to discuss the business requirements for the implementation of Microsoft Azure tenant.

Check out our Cloud Workshop to help you form a strategy to improve the reliability and flexibility of your enterprise.

Optio simplifies the installation process by breaking it up into 3 stages to verify you are implementing the right plan for your business.


  • Hold deployment kickoff meeting
  • Perform discovery and gather infrastructure technical data
  • Consider Azure tenant requirements


  • Prepare on-premises Active Directory
  • Configure Azure tenant


  • Migrate on-premises workloads to Azure
  • Use third party tools to migrate as required
  • Perform service validation testing