Who is Optio?

Simplify IT.

Optio’s literal translation is "to choose". In Roman times, to hold the position of Optio meant you were chosen as second in command because of your ability to fill in many strategic roles. We chose the name Optio because we want our culture to reflect that relationships are about outcomes. To approach every business need with the outcome in mind, means that we will be our customer’s second and fill the role as that trusted advisor.

We deliver efficiencies and flexibility to our customers of every size and industry through core competencies in Private Cloud Infrastructure, Data Management, and Technology Integration. With a 35,000 square foot warehouse, logistics, integration, and state-of-the-art POC facility, Optio’s capability in delivering technology solutions to your company can take on roles and responsibilities that are unmatched in the industry.

Our customers tell us that a big part of simplifying IT includes sourcing their technology products. One of Optio’s values is delivered through a multi-million dollar inventory of servers, accessories, storage, and networking products. In a time when most solution providers are leveraging manufacturers or distributers for their products, Optio makes this process easy, efficient, and fast. Part of adding value includes making one of the most inefficient and frustrating processes in the industry easier than you thought possible.

Whatever your need, no matter where you are in the technology curve, we can make the task of managing IT easier. We offer a broad spectrum of technology experience, a sales organization of more than four times the industry average tenure, and a world class delivery and professional services organization. This is all supported by a state of the art technology facility. Any of this knowledge base and all of these resources are at your disposal.

The world of IT is complex and companies have a myriad of technologies to sort through, OEMs to field, and business partners to vet. How do you sort through it all? Who do you choose as your trusted advisor? With Optio serving as your second, we make these questions go away. This is what we mean when we say Simplify IT.